The ableneo digest — Episode 1

2 min readJul 1, 2022
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We are starting a new format —sharing a monthly digest of what we read, saw — interesting twitter threads, technology updates, good articles, youtube videos, conferences we attended, etc… useful stuff related to our core competencies and interests: agile, cloud, front-end or back-end development, and UX.



Flight Levels: The Organizational Improvement Levels

This overview ranges from completely useless to super helpful. Depends on responsibilities of your role. In other words — as a Scrum Master, do you need it? Most probably not. But is it useful? Yes, very much.

We would also recommend it for other Scrum roles. Since Scrum rarely talks about anything behind the boundaries of a Scrum Team, this might be the topic to think about when acting cross-team or company-wide.

Should you ever need a team-project-company metaphor, go for this one.

The Avengers Retrospective by Michel Veloso

If you need a fresh, fun idea for your next Retrospective in Miro, this could be it.

We know Avengers might not be for everyone, so thankfully this ready-to-use template comes with a nice twist on top of hero characters — you can assign kudos for a specific area (thematically as Infinity gems from Avengers universe), e.g. Commitment, Collaboration, Adaptability, etc.

This part can serve as a nice inspiration for any Retrospective.

Find the canvas here

Agile is Dead by Pragmatic Dave Thomas

Although the headline is a bit polarizing, Dave Thomas’ talk is not about bashing agile, rather going back to its roots — mind you not the “Agile” as noun.

Opinions like the one in the headline are already becoming old news, so I’m glad for a good discussion around it and constructive takeaways.

Cloud Bits

State of Serverless report from Datadog (June, 2022)

  • Over half of organizations operating in each cloud have adopted serverless.
  • Python and Node.js remain dominant among Lambda users.
  • Over 60 percent of large organizations have deployed Lambda functions in at least three languages.
  • One in five Lambda users is deploying functions as container images.

Read the full report here

AWS Launches .NET 6 Runtime for Lambda

The family of languages that allows to be served within an AWS Lambda has a new member: C# on top of .NET Core platform. This opens the Lambda serverless

Read more here

UX News

Looking for great Figma plugins? Check these 5:

Jared Spool about how outcome-driven UX strategy is an essential next step for today’s UX leader — from a great conference

Talking to 4–5 end users/customers, with a clickable prototype in hand, is enough to spot 80% of the problems. But do not look behind the scenes:)

The same meme, but in a slightly difference context:

Read more about UX in ableneo here




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