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3 min readOct 12, 2018

We are happy to announce our partnership with Openslava 2018 event for the fourth time in a row!
As we have a lot of engaging hands-on labs and talks prepared for the event, this blog post summarises all the important pieces of information you should know if you plan to attend this conference and see us there.

What can you expect?

This year we will be focusing on building the ability to bring your ideas to reality, change things and create the real impact on your projects. We have prepared 3 activities for you :

  • Competition at our booth
  • Hands-on labs
  • Talk

Be able to change competition

This year we will have a really cool booth, which we want to use for our competition.

The competition will be focused on testing your change skills, especially the ability to have a clear vision and face the obstacles often connected with introducing a change, or innovation. The best change agents will win our special price!

Hands-on labs

Thursday, October, 18

We’ve prepared 3 workshops focusing on react development, data science, and change competence!

Compose and test React with confidence and excellent developer experience

⏰ 8:30 Thursday, October 18, 🏫 FEI E702, Proficiency: Intermediate

One of the many significant parts of React is how it makes you think about apps as you build them. React promotes many useful patterns. In this workshop, we will explain the benefits of patterns that help us test parts of React Redux applications. We will encourage the use of a style guide for component development in isolation and focus on composability and testability of components. Forget higher order components, we will use render props and new Context API, but explain when Redux is still needed. We will discuss developer experience and project maintainability techniques on large, long-lasting projects. We will pinpoint some of the common mistakes and costs associated with fixing them. This workshop is targeting developers with an intermediate understanding of Javascript and React and how it works.

Marcel Mokos, bio

How should the Fifa World Cup end? (according to AI)

⏰ 12:00 Thursday, October 18, 🏫 FEI E701, Proficiency: BeginnerIncludes Livecoding

In this Hands-on lab, the participant will be able to experience a process of developing a predictive model based on real-world data (FIFA dataset). We will go from the data acquisition through the data manipulation and exploration to model creation and evaluation of results. Preferred language is Python. After the end of the lab, the participant will understand the whole cycle of creating a predictive model based on real-world data and will be able to replicate acquired knowledge for similar problems.

Marián Špilka, 👨‍🏫 Andrej Hucko

Be able to change

⏰ 12:00 Thursday, October 18, 🏫 FEI E702, Proficiency: Intermediate

You have a great idea related to introducing new technology stack, processor framework, but struggling to transform your idea into reality? Are you not able to convince the world around you to test, or validate your idea? Are you not able to change? In this talk, we will not focus on specific technology, framework, or engineering practice. We will focus on building a change competence, which can help each developer, architect, or scrum master to be more successful in bringing their ideas into reality. We will introduce you a completely new way of looking at the organization and change process. Also, using real-world examples you will be able to practice some techniques, which can enable you to be more successful in your innovation projects.

Jan Gregor




The mission of ableneo is to enable organizations to adopt complex changes related to people, process, and technology. We are the innovation enablers.